It is not just about creativity.
It is about the person you are becoming while you are creating
— Charlie Peacock

Kita + Reka

“Kita” means us in Malay. We are creating not alone but with others. It is an approach that works for children to adults of all levels. No one is excluded because it is not about creating artwork but about discovering yourself through your own creative process while being with others. Using the creative process to enable you to become purposeful, joyful and confident individual in relationship with others.

“Reka” means to create. Our environment has been designed to facilitate tuning in, trusting, and being playful with your creativity. It is about self-discovery and trusting the natural creative impulses that flow through us but can get stuck when we throw up roadblocks of judgment, doubt and fear. The result is a genuine self-confidence , a feeling of well-being and greater respect for yourself and others as unique, authentic and valuable.