Must I know how to paint to join?

Part of the joy of this experience is being in a space where there is no judgements, critiques or comparisons made. You will be surprised at what wants to be expressed if you just allow yourself to let go of your inner critic. We will give you a brief and easy introduction to start you off and we will help you along if you get stuck. As long as you can hold a brush you can paint..

Who are the facilitators?

Our facilitators are trained to get out of your way, so that you have the creative freedom to follow your own curiosity and intuition. They are also trained to challenge the blocks of judgement and fear that inevitably come up with any creative undertaking. Their role is to support and serve.

How is your approach different from other painting classes?

In our classes the focus is in process. It is rooted in the work of Arno Stern and psychology of C G Jung. There is no judgements, no corrections, no comparison. What is happening on the paper in respected as part of the process of discovery and exploration. Our studio is uniquely designed to facilitate free expression. Our materials are all high quality and selected specifically for process work. 

What are the groups like?

We have adults only groups and children only groups. We are also able to customize groups.

Our signature approach consist of groups of participants of mixed ages anywhere from age 3 - 99 all painting together in the same group. Everyone is considered a beginner because we all are still learning about ourselves, this is a process that is unique to us. 

Can I try for just one session?

We have given this question a lot of thought because we know that in order to really experience and benefit from this approach you need to be part of a group and come regularly. We have seen how an initial fear or struggle is able to transform when given time. 

However if you really feel you can only come once or if a trial is necessary please reach out to us.

What do I need to bring?

We provide all materials, paints, brushes, aprons etc.  Just wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Please note that if paint gets on your clothes wash the spot immediately. The paints are water soluble.

What kind of paints and brushes do you use?

We use speciality paints of the highest quality that have been created specifically for the use in art therapy. Our brushes are of the highest quality natural hair brushes.  

If you are not teaching any skills or techniques, why can't I just paint by myself at home?

Great question!  While it may look like we are not doing much, our powerful yet gentle approach makes it possible for painters to experience freedom and confidence to develop their own style of expression. Also painting in a group has many benefits, the energy is different, its easier and more fun.  When painting with others, you will find inspiration and creativity from the other painters. Creativity is contagious. Finally, if you get stuck we are able to help you immediately. 

How big is a group?

Group size varies, for the children's group it can be from 8- 12 people and for the adult groups it can be from 6- 15 people at a time.