Process Painting is a powerful way to bring us into relationship with the deepest part of ourselves. 

When we dare to create we experience being at home with ourselves. 

The transformation that happens when we touch our home base, our essential self, is truly extraordinary. An expansiveness is felt inside and an aliveness that says YES to life.

To create is to dwell in the unknown and find that there is an intelligence that can guide us. This way of sensing is always availabe. 

All levels of art experience are welcome, including beginners, professional artists and especially people who think they “aren’t creative”.

The atmosphere in the studio is safe and accepting; paintings are not critiqued or interpreted. Painters agree from the outset not to make any comments on one another's paintings.

Play of Painting Groups

Our 6 week group is designed to assist painters in opening to their unique creative energy, to access authentic imagery, and to facilitate healing and well being. 

When life is filled with pleasing and performing for others, it is easy to lose touch with yourself. Using the simple tools of paint, brush and paper, you are given the opportunity to experience the joy of reconnecting and experiencing yourself in a fresh way.

Skills and talent in painting is NOT needed. Our gentle "supportive" approach will provide everything you need to begin.

Benefits of a 6 weeks Process Painting Program

1.  It provides the opportunity to access a different part of your brain – your imagination and intuition. Through the regular practice of Process Painting you have greater access to your intuition and become more imaginative and whole. This makes you more creative.

2. This 6 weeks “Process Painting Program", allows you to connect with your inner child and as a result become more relaxed, spontaneous and joyful.

3. As you progress regularly in Process Painting, you can become attentive and notice all the little choices and decisions you make in the course of doing. As a result you become more conscious in decision making in real life, so that decisions become choices that reflect your values, individuality and priorities.

4. After few weeks, you begin to notice your choice of colors and the strokes are a form of your authentic expression. When your authentic expression is nurtured in a safe, healthy and non-judgemental environment, it relieves feelings of stress, anxiety and you begin to experience more joy from your own freedom of expression.

5. Doing Process Painting regularly for at least 6 weeks, you will learn that part and parcel of the creative process is making “mistakes” or things not turning out as expected but this can be dealt with creatively to become resilient, with the support of  our trained facilitators. As a result you become more self-confident in adverse circumstances.

6. Numerous studies have shown that making art is therapeutic, especially if done on a regular basis. What gets expressed, instead of suppressed gets transformed, so that you become healthier. Picasso said that "art washes away the dust of life".

7. This 6 weeks Process Painting Program provides you, once a week, with a refreshing escape to tranquillity, peace of mind and let you gain a sense of well being so that you can lead a healthier and more positive life


Feedback from past participants

"The continuous 6 painting sessions block has helped in my personal growth - More emotional exploration of myself. The non-word based, no "rationality" of the whole process was especially helpful to me". - ST

"I met new friends and had an unforgettable painting experience being well served". - ET

"The sessions were very good and enriching to my experience of self-expression. The facilitator is very skillful in her facilitation and very observant to our needs and friendly in her approach as well". - MW