We provide children the space, freedom and tools to explore, experiment and discover their unique creative gifts.

It’s all about creativity.

If you are sending your kids to art class to so that they can become artist, we are not the place for you, but if you want your kids to explore, expand and ignite their creative potential we are the right choice!

Our creativity program is different from any other art program, we focus purely on the process of creative development and not on the techniques of painting or drawing.  We are interested in our children becoming creative in all areas of their lives not just in becoming an artist. We want creative doctors, lawyers, teachers, parents, politicians, engineers, entrepreneurs, athletes. 

How we do it?

Our method is a hands on, active discovery and self-exploration to encourage experiential learning (learning by doing) and innovation (learning by trying).

Kids learn best in an atmosphere of safety where they don’t have to worry about mistakes, criticism and judgements …creativity can then flourish as they can fully engage into the creative process. Kids learn best when they can do it for themselves and learn by their own experience.

What you learn from experience you keep – its yours, what you memorize , is borrowed information and you always run the risk of forgetting. 

What do kids learn?

Essentials for Success

  1. They learn how to withhold judgement and manage their impulses.
  2.  They build cognitive skills like problem solving, concept development, critical thinking
  3. They learn to take risk, confront their fears and become courageous.
  4. They experience mistakes as stepping stones and become resilient.
  5. They expand their ability to focus and stay on task
  6. They learn to tap into their imagination to express their own ideas and originality.  They create original, imaginative work rather than copying or tracing or trying to be like someone else.
  7. They learn to  listen and respect themselves and gain confidence in their own ideas.
  8. They experience the power of self expression and learn to express themselves confidently.
  9. They learn to respect their tools and their environment.
  10. They work in a group and they learn social skills, how to express and exert themselves in a group and to and respect each other’s expression.

We offer 2 programs for children: 


Escape the Box  is a 30 session program that is divided into 10 weekly sessions that systematically guides children through their creative process to form original creations. We work with children's fear, anxieties and impulsiveness.  Our method safeguards children’s natural creative process and allows then to trust, follow and gain confidence in themselves. 

Part 1:  Discovering Your Creativity (10 sessions)

We introduce painting as an adventure and a space for discovery, taking risk, exploring and listening to their creative impulses. In a free and protected space, we begin the creative journey. 

 Part 2:  Facing Creative Blocks (10 sessions)

At this stage we work with fears and apprehensions, we support them in facing and dealing with their fears and anxieties, we also work with self-criticism and judgments, and help restore the enthusiasm to create.

 Part 3:  Nurturing Creativity (10 sessions)

Our focus here is to consolidate the work that has been done and we look to safeguard the creative process and provide guidance in developing a personal practice that continues to nourish creative potential.

2. Play of Painting Group

The unique feature of our Play of Painting group is that the children paint with adults. 

When children are sharing a space with adults, they are naturally more mindful of their behavior, they learn by observation and so without realizing it they are expanding their abilities. 


“My 8 year old has been sleeping in our bed since she was born, midway of the 10 sessions she suddenly announced she would be sleeping in her own room from now on…that alone is worth every penny!”

“My daughter was very shy and would not speak up for herself, since coming to your program I noticed she speaks up, asks for things and on a recent holiday initiated a conversation with strangers”

“My child’s teacher has told me that she has noticed an improved learning attitude, thanks very much for your program, I am signing her up for  level 2″

“My son lacked confidence and copied other children, since coming to your program he is more confident and starts his work without looking at what the others are doing”


This video is in French with English subtitles and it explains very well our approach….