KitaReka partners with schools to provide children with opportunities to explore, discover, and experiment with their creative gifts.

The future is creative.

KitaReka acts as a catalyst for children to explore, expand, and ignite their potential in using their own creative processes. Through this, children are encouraged to be in relationship with one another and express their creativity in all areas of their lives.



KitaReka involves hands-on learning, active discovery, and following curiosity and intuition to encourage experiential learning (learning by doing) and innovation (learning by trying). Students are enabled to explore and practice both solving problems and being inquisitive.

With KitaReka, kids learn in a safe and stress-free environment where they do not have to worry about embarrassment or shame that may result from technical mistakes, internal criticism, or external judgement. Through focusing purely on creative development, the stress that comes with learning various components of painting or drawing is alleviated.

The learning that comes through personal experience lasts.

KitaReka ensures that children utilize personal expression and uses the highest quality paints, brushes, and paper to optimize the learning experience.


  1. Learn to manage impulses and withhold judgement.

  2. Build cognitive skills like critical thinking, concept development, and problem-solving.

  3. Learn to choose courage, confront fears, and take risks.

  4. Build resilience by viewing mistakes as learning experiences.

  5. Improve abilities to focus and stay on task.

  6. Use imagination to express ideas through the creation of original work.

  7. Learn to listen to and respect oneself.

  8. Experience the transformative power of confident self-expression.

  9. Learn to respect tools and environment.

  10. Learn appropriate social skills that prepare one for group and interactive activities.




KitaReka’s university painting groups are designed for students to discover their unique creative potential to facilitate holistic well-being. Participants report finding this activity both relaxing and stress relieving.

Additionally, painting groups provide the opportunity for social well-being in a non-competitive and healthy manner. Using the simple tools of paint, a brush and paper, participants are given the opportunity to experience reconnecting with and experiencing themselves in a fresh way.

Skills or talent in painting or drawing are not needed as the gentle and supportive approach KitaReka uses will provide everything necessary to begin and succeed.


1. Joy: KitaReka provides the opportunity to access different parts of the brain: imagination and intuition. Through regular practice, difficult emotions are released and processed in a safe manner, resulting in more whole, relaxed, and joyful participants.

2. Responsibility: When painting, participants become more attentive and notice smaller choices and decisions they make, which translates to their becoming more conscious of everyday decision-making as well. This ultimately leads to choices reflecting one’s values, individuality, and priorities.

3. Resilience: Part of the creative process is making “mistakes” when things turn out differently than expected. With the support of trained facilitators, participants learn to face '“mistakes” creatively and develop resilience, and, as a result become more self-confident.

4. Emotional Well-Being: Picasso said, "art washes away the dust of life.” Numerous studies have shown that making art is therapeutic, especially if done on a consistent basis. What is expressed, rather than suppressed, gets transformed and results in healthier individuals.

5. Social Capital: Students share creativity with each other in an environment without judgement and competition, in which differences are respected. Everyone feels safe and included as a result, and healthy relationships are subsequently built on acceptance and support.