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Our approach is based on the research and studies of Arno Stern at the RISE (Research Institute of the Semiology of Expression) Paris.

Arno Stern

Born in 1924 in Kassel (Germany), and also of French nationality, Arno Stern is a researcher and educationist. At age 22, he started working in an institution for war orphans. There he discovered and understood the importance of creativity and he laid the foundation to what has today become a well-known scientific concept – the Semiology of Expression.
He was appointed the technical expert of UNESCO at the International Congress of Bristol in 1950. In 1953, he founded the “Académie du Jeudi“, which later he named “Closlieu”.
Today, he continues to lecture and do research at RISE ( Research Institute at Semiology of Expression) in Paris.

He is the author of several books, available in French, German and Italian. Among some of his works you can find titles like : “Heureux comme un enfant qui peint”, “Le jeu de peindre”, “L’âge d’or de l’expression”, “La Traccia naturale”, “Der Malort” and many others.