It’s not your typical art class!

Its painting from the inside out. Process arts is taking what is within and bringing that into existence. this is unique to each person because it reflects their personality, taste, experience and perspective.

it is a process that enables you to discovers yourself and become a purposeful, confident individual. 

Process Painting is about self-discovery, tuning in and trusting the natural creative impulses that flow through us but can get stuck when we throw up roadblocks of judgment, doubt and fear.  It is an approach that works for beginners and professionals alike, because its not about creating artwork but about discovering yourself, and everyone has parts of themselves they have yet to discover.

Our environment has been designed to help you tune in, trust, and play...this results in a greater sense of joy, well-being and a deeper confidence in yourself as a unique, authentic and valuable individual.

Process Painting is:

  • Painting that anyone can do. No skill or talent is needed

  • A form of play - you are free to experiment with strokes, color combinations, images. Do what feels good and easy.

  • Non-judgemental. No one will critique or judge your paintings.

  • For all ages - if you can hold a brush, you are welcome!

Why do Process Painting?

When you are free from making a particular product that an instructor/parent/ or even your ego tells you must be made, you are then free to be in the moment, to be curious, to follow your intuition,  experiment, and to explore. You also become free to invent, create, to go beyond the ordinary and discover new ways to do things. In a word, you become creative.

The Benefits:

 An expanded sense of creativity leads to an expanded life.

When you become creative in one part of your life, other parts of your life change too. 

Creative people solve problems better. Their solutions are often unique, practical and highly relevant.

Painting has been known to relieve stress, be calming and centering, and healing.

Our process lends itself to insights, self-discovery and personal growth in an organic, gentle way. 


Had fun and felt free. Hope I can come to paint again. - Shazia

I really enjoyed it...was relaxing being given 'permission' to just play with the paints. The organisers and group were all really friendly. – Katy

It was a very unique enjoyable experience, and I want more! – Asief

I was having a lot of fun during the 3 hours, and the feeling is still lingering on. – Phoebe

The painting session was great! I enjoyed it very much. Though at first I came with a little heaviness, eventually I felt lightness. It’s indeed therapeutic. – Elaine