A method


It is a precise method that enables people to express, explore and experiment.

It is inclusive where people of all ages and all skill levels can create together in a way that allows them to be themselves and express themselves in a group setting.

It values respect for self, others and the environment.

The method involves specific tools and setting that makes free expression possible.

It is provided by trained facilitators who create an environment of safety, non-competition and non-judgement. They are trained to recognize graphic manifestations and their vocabulary based on the work of Arno Stern at the Research Institute of Semiology of Expression in Paris.

A Process


Part 1:  Discovering Your Creativity (10 sessions)

We introduce painting as an adventure and a space for discovery, taking risk, exploring and listening to one’s own creative impulses. In a free and protected space, we begin the creative journey. 

 Part 2:  Facing Creative Blocks (10 sessions)

At this stage, we work with internal critical voices and anxieties that always accompany any creative initiative. Facilitators provide support in facing and dealing with participants’ fears and anxieties and gently challenge their judgements to develop resiliency and confidence.

Part 3:  Nurturing Creativity (10 sessions)

Our focus here is to consolidate the work that has been done and we look to safeguard the creative process and provide guidance in developing a personal practice that continues to nourish creative potential. At this stage of the process, participants truly enjoy their creativity and begin to see this creative process impact other areas of their lives.


By HumanKind

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(Formerly known as Process Painting Studios)

KitaReka is a signature program of HumanKind.

HumanKind is a social impact organization that empowers people to improve the social and emotional well-being of their communities utilizing the arts. Our mission is to provide evidence based, cost effective and attractive programs that utilize the creative process to positively impact health and well-being.

For every KitaReka program we run, we are able to run a free program for a vulnerable community.